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when a spirit becomes
y*our spirit

We are specialized in designing high quality beverages


We offer you small batch tailor-made spirits as from 200 liters.

Always wanted to have an exclusive spirit or liquor for your restaurant or business?! Or you have a brilliant idea to launch a new spirit?!

Contact us, get together and talk, develop and assemble. Only four steps to get your own unique tailor made spirits!

"Unique creations for unique occasions."


"Gin just took another twist"
A unique gin has been created at what is most likely to be Belgium’s oldest distillery. As jenever, the original inspiration for gin, was first distilled in Belgium, Meyer’s Gin creates a new evolution in the world of gin.

A unique class of its own: First Class!
The Hardy kiwi looks like a grape but tastes like a ripe kiwi - aromatic and fruity. The addition of the kiwi berry to the gin’s recipe lifts its flavour to unknown heights, and gives the gin its very soft and smooth character. It’s a party in the glass and on the palate, and is handcrafted by our master distiller.

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“White asparagus in a bottle!”
For the first time in history, asparagus can also be enjoyed in the glass. This premium gin, created and produced by Spirits by Design, is yet again unique in the history of Belgian gin distilling, and prides itself on the fine aroma of asparagus on the nose, and its exquisite taste on the palate.

The gin world has never been more diverse and elaborate than today. As a result, a gin must do the unexpected in order to be noticed. And M2 certainly does take everyone by surprise. Moreover, this new gin, which pays tribute to the Flemish asparagus, blows everyone away. The M2 is culinary daring and a top product in the glass.

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"The Golden Apple" is a handcrafted premium gin and contains 9 separately distilled botanicals.

Juniper berries, Japanese Fuji and Belgica apples are the leading  ingredients.  Not less than 23 kg apples are used to produce 100 litres of gin. With tasting notes of Indian cinnamon and Spanish lemon, The Golden Apple is very accessible and perfect balanced. We are convinced that GILLIAM'S GIN will stay in people's mind as refreshing and innovating.

World Gin Awards 2017 Best Belgian Contemporary Gin 

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Nine carefully selected botanicals, including lavender and laurel give Ginius its unique character. In this robust gin you discover fresh notes of grapefruit and lime, subtle floral results of lavender, black pepper heat, dryness of angelica and complexity of laurel.The high concentration of essential oils makes the gin cloudy under the influence of ice.

- Gold Medal – San Fransisco World Spirits Awards 2016
- Superior Taste Awards (iTQi): 3 golden stars
- Silver Medal – San Diego Spirits Festival 2016

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Crazy Monday

Have you ever had a taste of madness?
Think of an awakening forest. Breathe it in. The scent of Crazy Monday. It is where the magic begins. An army of elves throwing a party in your nose and melting into a dance of folly in your mouth. Lavishly sprinkling around citrus and herbs, lightning bonfires within. And then, whoosh, the dance of the butterflies.

Crazy Monday is liquid madness. This gin's got balls. It's made in Belgium and totally bonkers. In order to drink it, you need tonic and a twisted mind. It tastes insane, but have no fear: insane is the new normal. Let it take you to where the party's at. It's Crazy Monday time.

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